Rising 5th-gen RIIZE’s Wonbin captivates fans with his unmatched visuals

Netizens are talking nonstop about the RIIZE member’s visuals.

It was previously reported that Wonbin was already being recognized for his strikingly good looks. Following RIIZE’s official debut, Wonbin has managed to maintain a steady rise in popularity thanks to his impressive visual appeal, particularly in unstaged, fan-taken photos. 

On an online forum, a netizen shared recent images of the member with the title: “Wonbin really is f****** handsome.”

Other netizens also chimed in and left reactions such as: “Saving the SM family’s pride…so handsome,” “he looks even more handsome in real life,” “his real-life photos are CRAZY,” “he looks so innocent yet so handsome,” and “he kind of looks like a doll.”

Some have pointed out the striking resemblance Wonbin shares with NCT’s Jungwoo and Winwin, along with Jaejoong and EXO’s D.O. His ‘pretty’ visuals, as witnessed during fansign events, have sparked even more interest among the fans.

More reactions include:

“He also has a different personality on-stage and off-stage…Crazy on stage and so sweet off-stage””The lines that shape his eyes and his lips are SO pretty””Yes, yes, someone this handsome should for sure become an idol””I literally let out a gasp””I am a fan of girl groups but I really approve of this man’s visuals””Now here’s a real visual…I didn’t get some of the others that were praised, honestly””Lol he looks like girls would follow him everywhere””You’d be surprised how cute the way he talks is though lmao””I think he will become the one-top 5th gen visual king””I love his hairstyle…why are people hating on it””I can’t believe his height though…his body proportions must be amazing””Haha he also reminds me of a young Takuya Kimura, maybe because of his long hair””He’s a legend already”
“‘Pretty’ is the right word for him, I think”

What are your thoughts?

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