“Let’s give him a chance,” iKON’s Bobby admits initial feelings over B.I leaving group and how he came to forgive him

Bobby is speaking up about his complicated feelings toward former iKON groupmate B.I, as well as fans’ ongoing ‘OT6 vs. OT7’ war.On September 11 KST, the iKON rapper took to his personal Instagram account to upload a new post, sharing his thoughts about fan wars involving iKON and their former leader B.I.”I feel you honestly because he is my bro. He did show and had some bad influence on the next generation, but I can’t stop my love for him though. You know he knows what he did was wrong and everything, but let’s not make this whole game commercial and shit though. I love him as much as you love him. Let’s not forget he’s a good dude. Let’s give him a chance to make it up to you. Forgiveness is the most noble thing that a human being can do,” he wrote, before adding, “Don’t put in work for OT7 or OT6 and some. I’m not trying to be political or none. Just trying to let y’all know how I feel for whoever. STOP THIS WAR (sic).”He then interacted with comments left by his Instagram followers, confirming to them that the ‘he’ in question was in fact B.I.

“I mean, he did abandon iKON or me and Chanwoo, DK, Song, Jay, and June. But after all the hatred that I felt for him, he had made the decision because he didn’t want to be a burden for iKON. I decided to forgive him and show my love for my brother again. I don’t know if we can collab ever again, but I love him still,” Bobby continued in another comment. “Bro got his own life to live, and iKON got iKONICS [iKON’s fandom] to make them happy and feel love. We do what we do. Love is the key to the whole thing,” he added.One fan commented that they had felt hurt by what B.I had done. Bobby replied that he is grateful for iKONICS and realizes how hurt they were, how much they cried, and even lost their appetite from upset during that time. He continued that he was not trying to defend B.I’s behavior, but the fan fighting around the situation should stop. He described the current members as people who do not concern themselves with what happened and just live their lives together, apologizing for how much effort iKONIC has put into creating a good image for the group. He was simply feeling hurt seeing fans fight.

Meanwhile, B.I left the group back in 2021 after being convicted of illegal drug use. iKON became a six-member group due to B.I’s exit, and B.I is currently active as a solo artist.

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