BTS V makes headlines for his thoughtful gift to his fans

BTS V garnered attention online for his thoughtful gift to his fans who came to see him perform at SBS ‘Inkigayo.’

On September 9th, ahead of the pre-recording for ‘Inkigayo’, fans who went to see him perform at the set received a gift box from V. The gift box had a bracelet, scrunchie, CELINE lollipop, and scented sachet all themed around V’s ‘Layover.’ V also included special photocards and his handwritten message saying “Thank you for coming. Are you ready to make memories today? The weather is super hot but I’ll help you cool down. So, why don’t you come on in? :)” 

Meanwhile, V dropped his first solo debut album ‘Layover’ on September 8th. The album ‘Layover’ comprises six songs: the title track “Slow Dancing,” along with pre-release tracks “Rainy Days,” “Love Me Again,” “Blue,” “For Us,” and a bonus track entitled “Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.)”

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