Behind the Scenes: Myanmar Scam Syndicate Offers Reward for Actor Wang Chuanjun

Amid the fervor surrounding the release of the movie “No more bets” it’s important to remind ourselves that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. This film has shed light on the dangers of the Myanmar region, particularly for those who easily put their faith in high-paying overseas jobs. Even the brightest minds, including savvy programmers, are at risk of falling prey to the deceitful clutches of the Myanmar scam syndicates.

Yet, for these scam syndicates, the nightmare scenario is a world that grows increasingly cautious, where falling for their tricks becomes less likely. Such a shift in attitude threatens their ability to amass exorbitant profits. Thus, the success of “No more bets” at the box office is far from good news for them, as it could potentially cut into their ill-gotten gains.

On August 28th, media outlets shocked the public with a revelation: a Myanmar scam syndicate seemed to have set its sights on actor Wang Chuanjun and was reportedly preparing to put a “bounty” on him.

From images that surfaced, we could see that a certain individual from the Myanmar scam syndicate was seen in conversation with another person, discussing ways to “invite” Wang Chuanjun to Myanmar for a “promotional performance.” However, Wang Chuanjun was clearly not an easy target to manipulate. He wasn’t about to endorse his anti-scam movie from within the lion’s den. The invitation was undoubtedly a trap.

Despite the challenges expressed by one side in trying to bring Wang Chuanjun to Myanmar, the scam syndicate was willing to offer a whopping reward of 1 million RMB. This prompted the other party to reconsider and give it another shot. The exchange left people chilled to the bone.

Social media users didn’t hold back in expressing their fear and shock. The audacity to publicly offer a bounty on an actor’s head speaks volumes about the sinister intentions of these scammers. Especially since they stood their ground even after the success of “All-In,” it’s clear that these individuals are as brazen as they come.

Notably, the targeting of the director of “No more bets” Shen Ao, had begun long before the film hit the big screen. Shen Ao revealed that he was frequently threatened during the movie’s production, with the identity of the threateners shrouded in mystery. The release of certain chat records further revealed the extent of these threats. Shen Ao’s personal information had been “exposed,” including his name, ID number, and family details. He even received an invitation to visit a certain location, presumably to experience the local environment, and was even tempted to “taste the flavor of brewing.”

These incidents provide a stark illustration of the audacity of the Myanmar scam syndicates. Their willingness to threaten a director with doxxing shows the extent of their recklessness. Fortunately, upon receiving threats, Shen Ao promptly sought help from relevant authorities. The reassuring response he received was, “This is China, you have no reason to fear.” This brought him a sense of relief and renewed determination to continue filming.

In this world of traps and dangers, it’s imperative for us all to remain vigilant and not to easily trust seemingly enticing opportunities, lest we become the next target of these unscrupulous elements. Remember, safeguarding our own and others’ information security is of utmost importance.

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  1. 天上是不会掉馅饼的,电影《孤注一掷》的热映,也让众人明白了缅北那一片的威胁,若是轻易相信了国外的高薪工作,就算是聪明的程序员都有可能会被骗进缅北的诈骗集团。但诈骗集团最怕的就是大家今后不愿上当受骗,这样他们就无法获取暴利,所以《孤注一掷》的热映对他们来说并非是好事,只会影响收益。






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