The internet celebrity Tietou has finally paid the price for his “black history” and “quick success and instant benefit”

Recently, an unknown internet celebrity has emerged, causing quite a stir online. The internet celebrity “Iron Head Punishes Evil and Promotes Virtue” has 3.27 million followers on a certain video platform. Its main content includes cracking down on counterfeit products in the Sanya seafood market, investigating beauty salons, and cheating on jewelry and jewelry in supermarkets. Especially the report of Hangzhou New Oriental earlier this month, his popularity reached its peak and became the beginning of many netizens’ “fan to black” trend.

On August 19th, the internet celebrity “Tie Tou Punishes Evil and Promotes Virtue” (hereinafter referred to as Tie Tou), who was caught in a public opinion storm due to reporting on New Oriental, announced in a video that they will temporarily stop reporting on teaching, training and remedial courses. In the video, Iron Head said in a tired voice, “I’ve been really tired lately, I want to take a break

More than a decade ago, when Tietou stood at the entrance of New Oriental, passionately accusing “you have violated the law”, he did not expect that the storm he personally caused did not bring him to the forefront as usual, but dragged him into the center of a vortex.

Before reporting New Oriental’s violation of supplementary classes, Iron Head was a unfamiliar name for most parents. However, on the internet, he is a well-known internet celebrity with over 3 million followers on a certain platform.

From the online name he gave himself, “Iron Head Punishes Evil and Promotes Virtue,” it can be seen that the path he has always wanted to take is to crack down on and report the evil behavior he believes in, creating a “great joy to the people” effect. From the videos he has successively released, it can be seen that he has always adhered to this route.

The earliest iron heads’ punishment of evil ‘targeted some fake internet celebrity bloggers. Perhaps the effect was not satisfactory, so Iron Head shifted his focus to “promoting goodness”: he would disguise himself as a homeless man and seek help from passersby, and for those who helped him, he would help them achieve a wish.

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