and other five films jointly announce a reward for soliciting clues from the “Water Army”

Joint Announcement of Five Films

On August 24th, a joint statement was released by the five films “She Who Disappeared”, “The Super Power Family”, “Enthusiasm”, “The Giant Tooth Thief 2: Deep Test”, and “All in One Place”, stating that since its release, Dao has been subjected to varying degrees and forms of malicious attacks from the “Cyber Water Army”, causing damage to the film’s reputation and reputation. It is claimed that this behavior has violated administrative penalties, although it does not constitute a crime. In this regard, we will offer a reward to collect relevant clues about the suspect and/or infringer from all walks of life. Once the clues and evidence are verified, the relevant person will be rewarded with a total amount of no more than 3 million yuan.

In addition, the statement also emphasized that this announcement is not aimed at any audience who have expressed genuine opinions. “Our client sincerely thanks every audience for their support and attention to the film, and is also concerned to accept the objective evaluations from the audience, whether positive or negative. These genuine suggestions are valuable assets in subsequent creative work, and our client will bear them in mind

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