Zhen Ni’s Voice Bombardment for Friend Coco Lee on the “Voice of China” Program Team

Recently, Jenny posted multiple articles on social media to voice her friend Coco Li and bombard the program group of “China Voice”. She wrote in it: “Every time I see it, I ache, and every time I hear it, I cry.” “Players, regardless of their ranking, have a place to go, and picking up a few to go home is one of the conditions.” “Everyone who participates in good voices lacks conscience and does everything for fame and fortune.” “The audience is filled with their own people, who are photographed and manipulated, with money every second, skillful methods, and clean up after eating.” “Repeated watching, repeated listening Please don’t dig at the bottom of my box and waste time. The protagonist is not me, I am still healthy. Today is the day to discuss things, without personal grievances, and it should be the time for humanity to return to the right path. “” Why do I write every day? If I don’t hurry up, people will forget and lose the opportunity to seek justice “… (Editor in Chief: Mo Erfan)

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