MONSTA X’s Hyungwon rumored to be in a relationship with announcer Kim Yoon Hee

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon is rumored to be in a relationship with announcer Kim Yoon Hee. 

On July 28th, a post alleging that MONSTA X’s Hyungwon is back with his ex-girlfriend announcer Kim Yoon Hee garnered attention online. Previously in 2017, Starship Entertainment posted an official statement saying that Hyungwon had broken up with his girlfriend in early 2016 and never met her again ever since. 

Allegedly, however, Kim Yoon Hee recently has been posting Instagram stories and a post alluding that she is back in a relationship with Hyungwon. 

In one of her stories, she responded “Me? I think it’s thanks to the car owner” to a prompt saying “Unnie! I listened to ‘Sweetheart’ thanks to you and I really liked the song.” In one of her recent Instagram posts, she zoomed in on the screen when MONSTA X was performing. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by 김윤희 아나운서 (@iloveunee)
Netizens commented: “I honestly don’t care who he dates but I really hope idols don’t date attention seekers. Just date in private.”
“Seems like the girl really likes to show off lol”
“The thing is it’s entirely plausible Chae Hyungwon is in a long-term relationship given his personality ugh.”
“Monbebe really be okay with anything lol”
“It’s been a while since they broke up and I can’t believe she’s still making posts alluding to her past smh”
“I guess they are still dating. Otherwise, there’s no reason to continue making posts about him.”
“lol it’s so funny that she only disabled comments for that one post.”
“I heard she almost got married to someone else after they broke up.”
“She does that thing every once in a while. It’s a routine gimmick.”

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